Highlights from Dec. 16 at #AGU20

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Even though it was the second-to-last day at #AGU20, Wednesday was still very busy! Check out these sessions on-demand:

  • A plenary panel examined diversity, equity and inclusions from an international perspective, and how AGU can include scientists from around the world in the implementation of the new strategic plan.
  • Part two of an innovative session on learning ecosystems included presentations about careers associated with two projects in California and a discussion on virtual job searches.
  • An innovative session workshop brought together scientists in the solar system and exoplanet communities and to help guide the direction of future exploration and understanding of exoplanets and our solar system.
  • The final Town Halls of #AGU20 included a discussion with AGU’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and a working session on FAIR Data.
  • Other sessions you may have missed:
    • GH019 – Exploring the “Hidden Burden” of Climate Change and Pollution on Mental Health and Conflict I
    • PP047 – Historical and Paleo Perspectives on Fire in the Earth System I Posters
    • EP061 – Coastal Geomorphology and Morphodynamics V Posters
    • MR024 – Novel Constraints on the Physics, Chemistry, and Transport Properties of Planetary Interiors I
    • ED053 – Techniques for Evaluating the Impact of Education and Outreach Programs in Earth and Space Science I
    • H204 – Groundwater–Surface Water Interactions: Integrating Physical, Biological, and Chemical Patterns and Processes Across Systems and Scales I
    • GP015 – Planetary Magnetism I
    • P078 – Mercury: From MESSENGER to BepiColombo II Posters
    • T056 – Integrating Related Earthquake Data Sets: How to Combine Geodesy, Seismology, and Geology in Informative Ways I
    • A209 – Subseasonal to Seasonal Climate Prediction, Processes, and Services III
    • V040 – Submarine Volcanism: Advances in Observations, Methods, and Models III Posters
    • S063 – Theoretical and Computational Advances in Seismology IV Posters

Some posters to check out:

News coming out of #AGU20:

Note: not all recordings of live sessions may be available at the time of this post, but they will be available in the coming days. Please check the online platform for updates. 

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