9 July 2020

AGU supports international students


By: AGU President Robin Bell and AGU President-elect Susan Lozier Despite the pandemic and health experts predicting the fall will bring an increase in the number of cases, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced its new rule on 6 July to require those who are studying in the U.S. on visas (F-1 and M-1) to be enrolled with in-person classes or risk deportation. …


29 June 2020

AGU journal GeoHealth continues its healthy growth

By: AGU President Robin Bell and GeoHealth Editor in Chief Gabriel Filippelli We are excited to share that GeoHealth, AGU’s gold open access journal covering the increasingly important intersection among the Earth, environmental and health sciences, has crossed several important milestones recently. AGU launched GeoHealth only three years ago (read the first editorial on Convergence in the Geosciences), in March 2017, and the journal was followed shortly by a new section. …


11 June 2020

AGU Fall Meeting is virtual (mostly) and remains global (always)

By: Guy Brasseur, Fall Meeting Program Committee Chair; Sabine Stanley, Meetings Committee Chair; and Lauren Parr, Vice President, Meetings We are excited to announce that #AGU20 will be mostly virtual. “Mostly” because if science and health professionals tell us it is safe for groups to convene, AGU would like to host a regional gathering in San Francisco. If we decide that is feasible, we will let you know by August. In addition, …


9 June 2020

AGU Action on Confronting Racism in STEM

By: AGU President Robin Bell and AGU President-elect Susan Lozier To join the national conversation on confronting racism in STEM, we will be doing the following. All AGU members and staff are strongly encouraged to take the day to reflect and engage on our current social issues around race and racism. We – AGU – are signing the Geoscientists of Color statement and call to action. We urge you to read and support it individually and/or as …


31 May 2020

AGU demands diversity, equity and inclusion

By: AGU President Robin Bell; AGU President-elect Susan Lozier; AGU past President Eric Davidson; and Chair of AGU’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Lisa White Like the rest of the world, when we watched the horrific killing of George Floyd, we were filled with a range of emotions, from anger to grief. We also knew that the injustice and discrimination that we saw would be felt beyond Minnesota. Floyd’s death …


28 May 2020

AGU’s next CEO and Executive Director will be Randy Fiser

By: AGU President Robin Bell and AGU President-elect Susan Lozier We are excited to announce Randy Fiser will be AGU’s CEO and executive director, effective 17 August 2020.   Randy was the clear choice for this position because he is passionate about AGU’s mission and vision, has a demonstrated ability to creatively lead organizations and shares AGU’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion. Randy is a skilled executive with strong collaborative and administrative …


14 May 2020

Fall Meeting 2020 Update

By: Guy Brasseur, Fall Meeting Program Committee Chair; Sabine Stanley, Meetings Committee Chair; and Lauren Parr, Vice President, Meetings Each April or May, the Fall Meeting Program Committee (FMPC) meets to begin the planning for the AGU Fall Meeting. In early May, the group convened 100% virtually for the first time. In-person, virtual or both? As one would expect, COVID-19 was top-of-mind. As indicated previously, we started planning for both a fully …


6 May 2020

AGU continues its work and commitment for a more diverse and inclusive geoscience community

By AGU President Robin Bell, AGU President-elect Susan Lozier and AGU Sr. Vice President, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion Billy Williams Today, AGU released its annual ethics report  detailing the efforts of our community to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the sciences. The report describes a strong foundation as AGU works to create a more welcoming community and underscores our commitment to fostering the culture change needed to create a …


29 April 2020

AGU filed response to OSTP on open access research

National Mall Skyline

By: Brooks Hanson, EVP, Science and Matt Giampoala, VP, Publications Last December, scholarly publishers learned that the Trump Administration was considering an executive order that would have extended the 2013 White House memorandums to require immediate public access to scientific data and publications for U.S. federally funded grants. AGU would likely have been able to comply with the rumored guidance, as we have worked to expand communication and public access …


23 April 2020

AGU Announces New Strategic Plan

[Editor’s Note: This morning, AGU sent the following email to its members. We wanted to make sure everyone received the information, so we posted it here too.] By: AGU President Robin Bell and AGU President-elect Susan Lozier Thanks to input from many of you and the rest of our members, AGU has a new strategic plan that sets the vision for the future of Earth and space science and our community by accelerating …