Comment Period Open for Three AGU Position Statements


Starting today, AGU members have until 30 April to comment on revisions to three AGU position statements addressing climate change, science communication and data, respectively.

Position statements are what enable AGU to provide scientific expertise on significant policy issues related to science, ranging from education to resilience. These statements are not only cited by AGU but also referenced by journalists, policymakers and other scientists and science organizations.

As part of a recurring four-year process, AGU’s Position Statement Committee reviews existing statements to decide which should be reaffirmed, retired or revised. The revised statements are drafted by a panel of experts, submitted for a member comment period and approved by AGU’s Council and Board. Members can propose new statements via this form.

At AGU, we believe in the power of collective action to drive positive change in the Earth and space sciences and beyond. As part of our commitment to fostering a community-driven approach to decision-making, we invite you to review and provide comments on these crucial position statements:

  1. Society Must Address the Growing Climate Crisis Now

This statement calls for transformative collective actions to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of human-caused climate change. It outlines the challenges posed by the climate crisis, the projections for natural systems and the consequences for humanity. It also emphasizes the need for equitable distribution of accountability and just interventions. Last updated: November 2019.

  1. Science Communication Needs to be Inclusive and Intentional

This statement emphasizes the role of the scientific community in promoting open and accessible communication, underscoring the significance of inclusive and intentional science communication. It stresses the need for meaningful dialogue, diversity of perspectives and adequate support for science communication efforts. Last updated: September 2019.

  1. Safeguarding Data to Address Global Challenges for Our Future

This statement underscores the critical importance of data accessibility, transparency, and reproducibility in tackling urgent global challenges such as sustainability and climate change. It advocates for equitable access to data, changes in research culture to prioritize data contributions and the adoption of metadata standards. Last updated: November 2019.

We encourage all members to submit comment during this period. Valuable feedback includes substantive corrections, identification of missing issues, suggestions for clarity improvements and areas of potential misunderstanding. Please refer to the instructions above each draft statement for detailed guidelines on providing comments.

Your participation in this review process is crucial for ensuring that AGU’s position statements reflect the values and expertise of our community. Make your voice heard by submitting your comments before 30 April.