AGU’s Statement on Third Averted U.S. Government Shutdown of FY24 


For the third time in the fiscal year 2024 appropriations cycle, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have agreed to extend funding of the government and avert a shutdown.  

 With another short-term funding solution, the future of science hangs in the balance once again. We urgently call upon lawmakers to prioritize scientific advancement and prevent any disruption to government services throughout the rest of the fiscal year and to work together in good faith to pass a healthy budget for fiscal year 2025. 

It’s crucial for lawmakers to understand that these budget disputes endanger critical scientific research. 

This political gridlock threatens significant scientific endeavors, impacting numerous individuals and communities. If the government shuts down, resulting delays and cancellations to research expeditions by land, sea and air will imperil critical insights into how our world is changing. Essential research and monitoring for public health and the environment will come to a halt, risking the well-being of all. EPA inspections for drinking water, chemical facilities and hazardous waste sites will be put on hold. Federal websites will not be updated, leaving critical data on climate change unavailable for researchers.  

The record-breaking 34-day partial shutdown in 2018 cost the economy $11 billion — twice the annual budget of NOAA.  

AGU stands united with all those advocating for the government to remain operational and effective. We urge everyone to join in this collective endeavor.  


Lisa J. Graumlich, Ph.D.
2023-2024 AGU President  

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