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Deadline to apply for the Voices for Science program

Be a science advocate! The Voices for Science program teaches scientists to communicate the value and impact of Earth and space sciences to key decision makers, journalists, and public audiences. Applications for the 2022-2023 cohort are open until 1 February.

Spring Grants applications open

AGU offers many grant opportunities, primarily to students, to support travel to AGU meetings and conduct research in specific Earth and space science fields.

Webinar: What is the role of erosion in soil carbon sequestration?


Keen public interest in soil carbon sequestration will test the scientific community’s ability to deliver effective soil management practices and durable scientific concepts. In this webinar series we will hear diverse perspectives on key questions that inform how to go about sequestering soil carbon in working lands.

#OSM22 Workshops and Town Halls

Pilina means connection, relationship, and association and is an important value in Hawaiian culture that encourages inclusivity and collaborations to achieve results that cannot be accomplished with one person alone. The 2022 OSM focuses on the importance of strong pilina for the ocean science community. By coming together, we can forge a path toward a sustainable future.

#OSM22 Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022

This year’s theme emphasizes the importance of working together. “Come Together and Connect,” focuses on strengthening the ocean sciences community..

Student deadline to apply for the AGU Bridge Program

Are you looking to pursue a master's or doctoral degree in geoscience or a related field? Apply to the AGU Bridge Program and use a free common application to apply to 46 graduate school programs and benefit from the network of advisers, educators, peers and supporters from around the world. Apply by 31 March.

Honors nominations ends

AGU has a variety of honors that recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Earth and space science through scientific research, education, science communication, and outreach. We encourage you to consider nominating qualified colleagues, mentors, peers, or students.

AbSciCon 2022

Atlanta, GA

AbSciCon, the conference brings the astrobiology community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future. Join NASA and the American Geophysical Union as we facilitate a robust gathering of scientists in Atlanta and in an online capacity 15-20 May 2022. 

FIHM 2022

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Frontiers in Hydrology meeting will test innovative approaches to convene the water community, communicate science and its integration in other disciplines, and design engaging conference experiences.