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Early bird registration opens for #AGU21

All attendees, including presenters and conveners, must register for #AGU21 to attend Fall Meeting online or in-person. Early bird discount is available until 3 November. To access the AGU member discount, you must renew your membership or join by 3 November.

Webinar: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs: From intro geoscience to upper level courses: Successes and failures of curricular revisions


The AGU Heads and Chairs program and the American Geosciences Institute are pleased to be offering a free online webinar and discussion about efforts in curricular reform in undergraduate geoscience programs, and their successes and failures. Please join Aley El-Shazly (Marshall University) as he shares his program's experiences with curricular reform and to join a community discussion of how curricular reform efforts have progressed in light of the recent Vision and Change document.

Webinar: Worlds Premiere: Will JWST reveal Earth 2.0?


In just a few short weeks NASA's next flagship telescope, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), will launch and usher in a new era of discovery. In this webinar sponsored by Eos: Science News by AGU, astrophysicist and host of “Ask a Spaceman!” Paul M. Sutter talks with exoplanet scientists Néstor Espinoza, Elisabeth Matthews, and Caprice Phillips.

Webinar: Geoscience policy update


Join us Friday, 5 November at 12 p.m. ET for an update on science policy legislation and to learn how you can engage your legislators. We’ll discuss funding for science for the fiscal year 2022, the House and Senate innovation packages, diversity and inclusion in STEM legislation, the reconciliation and infrastructure packages, as well as scientific integrity.