Climate Engagement at AGU23: Open Dialogue, Open Minds, Open Science


With the theme Wide. Open. Science., AGU23 will convene more than 25,000 attendees from over 100 countries in San Francisco and online everywhere on 11-15 December 2023.

From authoring global climate assessment reports to helping coastal populations address rising sea levels, our community of Earth and space scientists stands at the forefront of the climate crisis. Thus, it should come as no surprise that many of the sessions at AGU23 will address climate change, environmental justice, global policy and solutions, and national climate assessments.

As president of AGU, I am honored to support the dedicated scientists whose research plays an instrumental role in this crisis. AGU’s position on climate change is clear: Immediate and coordinated actions to limit and adapt to human-caused climate change are needed to protect human and ecological health, economic well-being, and global security. We remain committed to supporting the global effort to protect our planet through AGU’s meetings, publications, programs, and active engagement in science policy.

For scientists eager to bridge the gap between research and climate action, AGU23 will offer many opportunities to learn, reflect and engage, including:

  • Cryosphere Science and Global Climate Negotiations: A Joint Event with the Cryosphere Pavilion at COP28, 11 December at 8:30 PT (TH13A)
  • Presidential Forum Lecture: Amitav Ghosh, 11 December at 13:00
  • Making an Impact with Science for Policy: From Local to International Levels, 12 December at 8:30 PT (INV21B)
  • Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture: Stephen Pyne – Between Three Fires. Humanity Creates a Fire Age, 12 December at 13:00 PT
  • A Proposed Ethical Framework for Climate Intervention Research, Experimentation, and Potential Deployment, 12 December at 13:00 PT (TH23N)
  • Climate Action: Acknowledging and Sharing Our Climate Grief, 12 December at 14:10 PT
  • From Darkness to Illumination: Climate Grief & Resilience in a World of Warning Signals, 13 December at 8:30 PT (SCIWS31)
  • Climate Action in Global Cities, 13 December at 9:15 PT (INV31B)
  • Creative Ideas for Action: Addressing Climate Change Feedbacks and Risks, 13 December at 13:00 (TH33A)
  • Art & Science Plenary: Rebeca Méndez, 14 December at 13:00
  • Climate Change and Mental Health: Understanding the Impacts and Charting a Way, 14 December at 16:00 PT (GH44A)
  • The Climate Parables: Future Earth’s Anthropocene Magazine to take its acclaimed science fiction series “The Climate Parables” from the page to the stage, 14 December at 17:30 PT (tickets are required and available through registration)
  • Many more climate and environmental justice sessions can be found in the AGU23 suggested itineraries on climate change, environmental justice, global policy and solutions, and national climate assessments.

Building on this year’s meeting theme, I want to underscore the significance of maintaining open dialogue and civility in our overall approach to climate engagement at AGU23. Rooted in our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees, AGU23 will uphold a robust Code of Conduct, and we encourage all attendees to become familiar with these guidelines.

As we convene at AGU23, let’s harness the power of collective scientific insight, propelling us toward robust climate dialogue and engagement. Together, we can cultivate a legacy of positive change for our planet and future generations.

Lisa J. Graumlich, Ph.D.
2023-2025 AGU President

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