What to watch 16 Dec. at #AGU20

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Wednesday is the second to last day of #AGU20, but we are not slowing down. Be sure to check out these sessions and events happening tomorrow:

  • Wednesday’s plenary is a panel discussion examining diversity, equity and inclusion from an international perspective, complementing several plenaries the first week of #AGU20. A global panel will explore international perspectives on inclusive science priorities.
  • An innovative session will focus on the intersection of exoplanet research and our solar system.
  • Town halls continue with the U.S. Global Change Research Program Interagency Working Group on Integrated Observations, AGU and the launch of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and climate science in the courtroom.
  • Learn how to use storytelling when talking to policymakers and how to review journal articles.
  • Other sessions to check out:
    • A234 – Smoke in the Air: Biomass Burning Emissions, Chemical Evolution, and Impacts on Air Quality and Climate II
    • GH023 – Food System, Food Security, and Food-Related Human Health Responses to COVID-19 and Other Pandemics I
    • MR025 – Frontiers of Experimental and Analytical Techniques in the Mineral Studies at Extreme Conditions I
    • SM052 – Energetic Charged Particles at the Earth, the Gas Giants, and Beyond II Posters
    • SH049 – Parker Solar Probe: One Step Closer to the Sun III Posters
    • P075 – Ice and Ocean Worlds: Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Habitability I and P086 – Ice and Ocean Worlds: Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Habitability III
    • V044 – Submarine Volcanism: Advances in Observations, Methods, and Models II
    • PP049 – Development and Application of Quantitative Proxies of Terrestrial Climate Variability II
    • B124 – Geovirology: Viruses in Earth’s Biomes and Their Impacts on Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry I
    • NS015 – Near-Surface Geophysics for Anthropogenic and Environmental Targets eLightning
    • H207 – Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Stream Temperature and Water Quality I
    • OS050 – Climate Extremes, Variability, and Predictability on Subseasonal to Decadal Timescales II
    • NH040 – Scale Issues in Natural Hazard Risk Assessment, Communication, and Reduction I
    • GH024 – Science to Action: Understanding and Addressing the Community Health Disparities Resulting from Air Pollution and Other Environmental Risk Factors I
    • SY055 – #FlumeFriday: Building a Broad and Diverse Online Community to Share Insights from Physical Modeling Experiments eLightning

There are a few days left to check out the exhibit hall, accessible from the main lobby. Christian Pagé is putting his past Fall Meeting swag to good use!

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