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Announcing “Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists”


In the world of scientific publishing, AGU is a mold breaker. Each year, AGU publishes more than 6000 original research and review articles across 20 highly respected, peer-reviewed scientific journals covering the Earth and space sciences. I am proud to announce a new addition to this suite of publications: Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists, an initiative that was created as part of AGU’s Centennial celebration.

A Gold Open Access collection of memoirs, essays and insights, Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists will occupy a unique niche in AGU’s publishing spectrum. On its pages, AGU Fellows and other invited authors will have the opportunity to reflect upon important scientific discoveries, advances, and events in Earth and Space science. The work of AGU’s Fellows represents what Earth and space science can achieve and their voices and stories will inspire future generations of scientists. As AGU members well know, scientific advances are made by committed scientists and teams who face many challenges on their path to achievement. Thus, the personal stories in Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists will help reveal the values and the humanity of prestigious scientists and provide insights into what drives them.

Michael Wysession, Professor of Earth & Planetary Science, Washington University in St. Louis will serve as Editorial Chair of the publication. About his new role, Dr. Wysession observed that “in the spirit of AGU’s 100th Anniversary, it is fitting that we should provide an opportunity to look back at our rich history and highlight some of the amazing accomplishments and scientific journeys of our honored geoscientists. Even more important, however, is to look forward to the next 100 years of AGU and to make these stories available as a source of inspiration for our young scientists as they carve out their own journeys and accomplishments.”

AGU will collect and share Perspectives from our Fellows on an on-going basis – creating a lasting body of work that reveals the story of Earth and space science and the people who have contributed to its advancement. Telling the stories of the people and the achievements of the past is a critical part of understanding the possibilities of the future, inspiring the world to see the value of science and making the connections needed to drive sustainable solutions for our future.

John Farrington, College of Fellows Steering Committee member and Dean, Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution noted that “Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists will provide a much-needed venue for publication of articles with a storytelling flavor of the how, when, where and why of careers of AGU Fellows and invited contributors written for a general audience of Earth and space scientists. These articles will provide a broad range of insights about career approaches and trajectories, and the stories of important discoveries and advances that should be of use to students, postdocs, and early career scientists.”

As we work to build a diverse, inclusive and supportive workforce, we look to the inspirational voices and stories of the leaders who have paved the way connects people and bridges communities. This begins with the stories that will be shared in Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists. I am so excited to share this next journey with you.

Check out the Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists website. For questions, contact [email protected].


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