Watch to watch for on Friday at #AGU20

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Tomorrow marks the end of the second week of #AGU20. Be sure to check out these events and sessions before the weekend begins:

  • In the GeoHealth Plenary, Howard Frumkin, former director of the National Center for Environmental Health, will explore the connections among human and planetary health, the environment and climate change. Frumkin just called for creation of a National Institute of Climate Change and Health.
  • A workshop explores how AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange’s community science approach is being adapted and implemented by several different countries including Australia, Mongolia and Peru.
  • A panel offers first-hand accounts for how institutions should improve ethical scientific practices in communities of color. This session will begin with the film, “Can We Talk? 3 Difficult Conversations with Underrepresented People of Color: Decolonizing STEM.”
  • A Union Session examines how we can implement AGU’s “Science for Solutions” to address societal problems and collaborate with decision makers, communities and other stakeholders.
  • A Town Hall focuses on expanding software/code sharing and citation.
  • A late-breaking session explores the recent purported detection of phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere
  • Join the Virtu-ale Happy Hour with the New Orleans Drink Lab, led and founded by master bartender, Daniel Victory. Daniel has been lauded as a pioneer of the New Orleans “craft cocktail” emergence and is considered one of the most engaging ambassadors of the Crescent City. Hopefully we’ll see him in person at #AGU21.
  • And for students, join “SPA Student / Early Career Game Night Friday at 2pm PT
  • Three named lectures with:
    • Arnold L. Gordon delivers the Harald Sverdrup Lecture, “Tropical Ocean to Southern Ocean coupling: Indonesian Throughflow and Weddell Sea Bottom Water,” at 10:30 a.m. PT.
    • Compton J. Tucker, presents the Carl Sagan Lecture, “Earth System Perspectives Inspired by Carl Sagan,” at 10:30 a.m. PT.
    • Elizabeth A. Barnes, gives the Future Horizons in Climate Science: Turco Lectureship lecture, “Explainable AI for the Geosciences,” at 5:30 p.m. PT.
  • Other sessions to check out:
    • B073 – Advances in the Application of Remote Sensing for Biodiversity Monitoring: Integrating Data and Models Across Scales and Technologies IV
    • PP033 – Climate of the Common Era I
    • A125 – Emissions of Atmospheric Pollutants from Oil, Gas, and Coal Operations II
    • GC071 – Implications of Climate Change, Extreme Events, and Adaptation Potentials for Global Agriculture II Posters
    • GC068 – Climate Modeling for Everyone: Interdisciplinary Research to Address Social Justice and (More Than) Human Impacts I Posters
    • V029 – Volcanic Hazards: From Monitoring to Impacts I
    • NH022 – Concurrent, Consecutive, and Cascading Events: An Emerging Challenge for Risk Assessment and Management of Compound Natural and Natech Hazards III Posters
    • P041 – Aquaplanetology: Aqueous Environments and Habitability in the Solar System I
    • H120 – Water Quality and Watersheds: From Scientific Innovations to Actions I
    • C036 – Coupled-System Processes of the Central Arctic Atmosphere–Sea Ice–Ocean System: Harnessing Field Observations and Advancing Models I

The Mineral and Rock Physics Section is also highlighting sessions to check out on AGU Connect.

Undergrad Kendall Brome is presenting her first poster ever at #AGU20 and is looking for feedback – be sure to stop by!

Featuring our sections, we’ve created a video to remind you to breathe. Thanks to Twitter’s @Plasmanerd for the suggestion!

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