Day 8 at #AGU20 featured the NSF Director, and a great diversity of science and science for, and with, society

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Thursday at #AGU20 was another busy day, including these sessions and events:

  • NSF Director Dr. Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan discussed the future of the agency and major initiatives in his #AGU20 Agency Lecture.
  • Another set of excellent Named Lectures, including summaries of recent understandings on the differentiation of the Early Earth (Boyet), how warming is exacerbating ocean pandemics (Harvell) and complicating societies response to droughts and floods (Di Baldassarre), and the value of and work needed to empower open data (Robinson), as well as understanding how deltas form and evolve (Neinhuis) and volcanos erupt (Neri).
  • A Union Session on Evolving Climate Services Across the United States explored how best to make societal decisions Before, During, and After Extreme Events.
  • Two press briefings on the Solar Orbiter mission and upgrades to ALVIN.
  • Special guest Bill Nye joined the Virtu-ale Happy Hour Thursday night with climate rapper Baba Brinkman, climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor and Julia Kumari, CEO and founder of ISeeChange. They discussed the importance of science communication and the importance of intergenerational work to combat the climate crisis.
  • Highlights from programs and institutions in the Earth and space sciences are on AGU TV, along with a daily introduction. Check them out in the lobby of the online meeting.
  • Thanks to Claire McKinley for creating a list of #AGUIndigenous talks and presentations!
  • Some sessions to check out on demand or in the poster gallery:
    • C031 – Controls on Marine-Terminating Glacier, Ice Stream, and Ice Shelf Dynamics in Observations and Models II
    • SY031 – Developing a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in All Our Work, in All Our Places II Posters and SY037 – Developing a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in All Our Work, in All Our Places I
    • GC054 – Disparities in the Impacts of Climate-Related Extreme Events on People and Communities I Posters
    • B050 – Paleobiological Impacts of Past Climate Events I Posters
    • ED022 – Sharing Their Science: Enabling Scientists in Public Engagement and Virtual Engagement Efforts I
    • U012 – Science in the Time of COVID-19 I
    • EP032 – Progress in Tectonic Geomorphology: Novel Methods and New Applications I
    • AE010 – Thunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Meteorology III
    • S029 – How Do Earthquakes Start? II Posters

#AGU20 in the news:

Some posters to peruse in the poster gallery:

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