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We head into the third and final week of #AGU20 on Monday. Don’t fret if you are just joining or heard about a great talk or discussion: Recordings from all sessions from the first two weeks are available, and attendees can access the full meeting content until 15 February 2021. Enjoy!

Here is what’s in store:

  • Andrea Wulf, author of two recent books on Alexander von Humboldt, highlights his founding of systems science and provides her perspective on his enduring relevance to current challenges for addressing climate change, sustainability and science communication.
  • Five Earth and space science university presidents and leaders will share their perspectives on the challenges, and even opportunities, presented by COVID-19 and how their respective institutions are responding both short and long-term during a plenary panel on Monday.
  • An innovative session explores convergence, the importance of collaboration, and the opportunity that the sciences have to help advance justice by being intentional about who we work with, the way we work and the topics we choose to work on.
  • A second innovation comprising five sessions over several days begins exploring the evolution of volcanoes over space and time globally.
  • A Virtu-ale happy hour with Dr. Robert Conte, The Greenbrier’s historian for over forty years, who will give a brief overview of the resort’s long history stretching back to the early nineteenth century, including a special emphasis on the remarkable relationship with the United States government during the Cold War.
  • If you registered to watch the film Picture a Scientist, or didn’t but would like to join in, participate in a live, moderated question and answer session with members of AGU, Earth Science Women’s Network and 500 Women Scientists .
  • Multiple discussions continue this week: Learn about the peer review process and other mysteries of publications, or how to build a science policy community.
  • Other sessions of interest include:
    • C044 – Coupled-System Processes of the Central Arctic Atmosphere–Sea Ice–Ocean System: Harnessing Field Observations and Advancing Models IV Posters
    • A168 – Extratropical and High-Latitude Storms, Teleconnections, Extreme Events, and the Rapidly Changing Polar Climate I
    • ED038 – Inclusivity in Geosciences: A Conversation Between Scientists and Educators I
    • P057 – The New Mars Underground (and Beyond) 3.0 I
    • SA024 – Magnetosphere–Ionosphere–Thermosphere Coupling During Storms and Substorms I
    • DI022 – Ancient Earth Evolution: From Magma Ocean Solidification Through the Archean I
    • V036 – New Frontiers in Geochronology I
    • B084 – The Resilience and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Climate Change I
    • GH010 – Impacts of Climate on Vector-Borne and Other Environmental Infectious Diseases eLightning
    • S050 – Earth Science Research Supporting Global Security II
    • GC081 and GC090– Climate Extremes: Patterns, Mechanisms, and Attribution
    • SY048 – Museums and Geoheritage Sites As Communication Hubs for Earth and Environmental Sciences eLightning
    • SY047 – Transforming Earth and Planetary Science Data Visualization: Innovative Techniques, Novel Technologies, and Awesome Applications eLightning

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday at #AGU20!

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