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Update as of 4 p.m. ET on 1 January: AGU members should now have access to the full text of all AGU subscription journals. All members can access this expanded content by logging into, and clicking on “Journal Access” under “Membership Benefits” in the “Membership” tab of your user profile. 

AGU members will soon have access to the full text of all AGU subscription journals, amounting to thousands of cutting-edge papers each year spanning the Earth and space sciences. This access is another step in AGU’s commitment to expand access to content, with the support of our publishing partner, Wiley.

AGU currently publishes 23 journals; of these, eight are already fully open access journals, and Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems will switch from subscription to open access on 1 January. The remaining 14 are subscription titles, including Geophysical Research Letters, all of the Journal of Geophysical Research titles, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, Tectonics, Radio Science, Reviews of Geophysics and Water Resources Research. For these titles, members previously could purchase* access to individual titles or to packages of content across journals. Access to these journals and all of their content will now be included as part of AGU membership. Members will still have access to the “Journal Digital Archive,” which includes all content published before 1997. In addition, AGU provides free access to all readers for all content 24 months after publication.

All members, including student members, will soon be able to access this expanded content by logging into, and clicking the link to the right under the “membership” tab (other single-sign-on options are in development). You can join AGU here: Articles are published continuously for all journals. Usually, an accepted version is posted a few days after acceptance, and a final copyedited version is published several weeks later.

This development continues AGU’s commitment to expanding equitable open science and access to Earth and space science research content for a global audience and was supported and indeed encouraged by our partners at Wiley. All journals that AGU have started with Wiley have been open access titles, including in the last two years AGU Advances, Community Science and Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists. AGU has worked with Wiley to transition two journals to open access, and has also been freely available worldwide. Increasingly, content is also available through many institutions as read and publish-type deals, which expand open access across the portfolio. Overall, about one-quarter of AGU’s content was published as open access across the portfolio in 2021. We hope to expand this further; stay tuned.

*If you have already purchased a personal subscription for 2022, we will be processing a refund by the end of January 2022; or please contact member services.

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  1. Mitchell Mihalynuk

    This is a huge commitment to open science and deserves widespread support of the geoscience community. Please urge colleagues who are not already AGU members to consider membership – its one of the lowest cost memberships out there and it now delivers an even greater value.

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