AGU receives NSF funding to launch a new diversity, equity and inclusion academy for the geosciences

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We are excited to announce that we have received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF)* to launch a new initiative that will create and support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) champions.

This new initiative — AGU LANDInG (American Geophysical Union Leadership Academy and Network for Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences) — will spark the culture shift needed to develop an equitable, inclusive and welcoming environment in geosciences, and will help establish and support a DEI community of practice.

This funding will also help make tangible progress on our recent announcement of the eight deliberate steps our community is taking to address racism and foster an inclusive culture in the sciences.

Through professional development, learning opportunities and mentorship, AGU LANDInG will provide new cohorts of DEI champions with the resources they need to become agents of lasting institutional and societal change.

Scheduled to launch in 2021, AGU LANDInG will:

  1. Implement an open access, virtual platform of resources to support a broad community of DEI champions in both industry and academia.
  2. Develop and implement a two-year, cohort-based program—the DEI LANDInG Academy—for professional development in DEI leadership within the geosciences.
  3. Create opportunities for DEI champions to have direct experience leading DEI initiatives. Within the community of practice network, DEI champions will learn and be able to join DEI efforts across professional societies.
  4. Raise the visibility and recognition of DEI leadership in the geosciences.

In addition, AGU LANDInG will be led by an accomplished team of DEI professionals and experts, including:

  • Billy Williams, Principal investigator; Project executive director; AGU senior vice president, ethics, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Margaret Fraiser, Co-principal investigator; Project director; Assessment team member; AGU director, diversity and inclusion.
  • Pranoti Asher, Co-principal investigator; Leadership development program director; Assessment team member; AGU assistant director, grants and education programs.
  • Stephanie Goodwin, Co-principal investigator; DEI science program director; Assessment team lead.

While this program is led by AGU, we will work with other scientific societies and organizations. The goal will be to diversify fields within the geosciences, and to provide a model for developing diverse and inclusive environments for research, work and study across all scientific disciplines.

More details about this initiative, including the partners, advisory board members and steering committee members, are available at AGU LANDInG on the AGU Ethics and Equity Center. We will also share additional information on how interested individuals and organizations can get involved soon.

#AGU20 Fall Meeting DEI Program

In addition to starting AGU LANDInG, #AGU20 Fall Meeting will be an important place for us to help educate our community about this new initiative. AGU is planning a townhall for the community to learn about and discuss this new DEI effort.

AGU staff and members of the AGU Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee are also planning a workshop at #AGU20 Fall Meeting. Working with a broad group of representatives across the geosciences, this workshop will focus on addressing race and racism in academia.

#AGU20 Fall Meeting will feature many other DEI-focused plenaries, speakers and events to support and elevate the important work being conducted across the Earth and space sciences to create a more inclusive scientific culture for everyone.

*AGU LANDInG is a Research Coordination Network funded by National Science Foundation grant ICER-2036823.

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