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Fall Meeting 2020 is only three months away! You will soon be able to engage in the most diverse and inclusive Fall Meeting ever, with unique networking opportunities, content that you can view at your convenience and live sessions that fit your time zone!

To help keep us together, even though we won’t be in-person, we created an #AGYou cut out so you can share how you’re getting ready for #AGU20 by visiting our webpage:

If you don’t want to cut it out or don’t have a printer, the template is also available in PowerPoint. You can color with your choice of computer program and take a screenshot or save the image to post to your social accounts.

Take a photo of #AGYou in your office, labs or field. #AGYou can also be shown reading, cooking dinner, walking the dog…the possibilities are endless.

#AGYou was designed to be fun for all ages and creative abilities.






I created one with James, my 12-year-old son. Here’s his and here is mine. We had a lot of fun creating ours, but it also gave me an opportunity to talk about how I support Earth and space sciences and how we want to grow the diversity of the people in our community.

Joe the Pony (yes, his real name), James and #AGYou James

James and #AGYou James

#AGYou Lauren

Every week, from now until 23 November, we’ll release a page of new accessories so you can keep us posted with #AGYou. These will match the Fall Meeting’s scientific neighborhoods.

Once you’re done customizing #AGYou, share it with us on social media using the hashtags: #AGYou and #AGU20. We’ll all enjoy seeing what others have done with their #AGYou.

Remember that you have an enormous community of experts and enthusiasts in Earth and space sciences who are here to support you, personally and professionally. This is just one more way to demonstrate your support back!

Don’t forget to visit to start designing your #AGYou today! While you’re on our webpage, you can also download a customized Fall Meeting video conference backgrounds and customizable Canva cards to promote your session at #AGU20.

If you are an AGU member, the September print issue of Eos will also have an #AGYou insert so you can cut it out and customize it then. If you need to change your mailing address for Eos, please go to your AGU profile.

We can’t wait to see your #AGYou!

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