New Worldwide Grassroots Engagement Grant Program Supports Centennial Activities

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AGU CEO/Executive Director Chris McEntee

As part of our Centennial celebration, AGU is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new grant program, the Celebrate 100 Grants.

As we mark AGU’s Centennial, the Celebrate 100 Grants will be awarded to amplify the accomplishments and stories of the last 100 years of Earth and space science, build lasting connections between the research community and society, and inspire the world to see how Earth and space science can create a more sustainable future for us all.

Celebration events can range from a 1-day gathering in partnership with a local community group to innovative ways to support international collaboration in partnership with several institutions around the world to mentoring programs that help connect thousands of students to science in new and inspirational ways.

The Centennial is celebration of 100 years of the Earth and space science AGU represents and the dedicated, inspirational scientists that have made the last 100 years of discoveries, innovations, and solutions possible. Our history is a rich, complex, and important story, and paying tribute to that history—particularly to the diversity of the sciences we represent—is a critical part of understanding the possibilities of the future.

AGU’s Centennial is the start of the next transformational era of Earth and space science, and using the energy of those past achievements will help us to bring public attention to the value of our work and to accelerate the advancement of science. Who better to lead that celebration than you, the leaders and voices of our science? With this grant program we are striving to support the amazing ideas that we know you have for transforming our science, building bridges between our community and those we serve, and inspiring the world with the power Earth and space science has to benefit humanity.

We will be offering grants for activities with the goal of:

  • increasing awareness of the importance and impact of Earth and space science issues
  • increasing effectiveness and recognition of AGU among decision-makers as an authoritative source of integrated, interdisciplinary Earth and space science information
  • increasing the role of Earth and space sciences in informing science policy
  • enhancing engagement and involvement of students and early-career scientists
  • enhancing mutual support and networking opportunities for scientists
  • developing strategies for collaboration with other societies and partners

How will you transform our science, build bridges between our community and those we serve, and inspire the world with the power Earth and space science has to benefit humanity?

We will be accepting grant applications on a rolling basis from now through approximately the end of 2019. Grants will be awarded at two levels: (1) microgrants, which are up to $1,000, and (2) major grants, which are between $1,001 and $10,000. Grants are not limited to AGU members, and institutions are encouraged to apply.

We are looking for the following types of characteristics in proposed events::

  • demonstrating innovative ways to communicate or celebrate science
  • showing the impacts of Earth and space science
  • collaborating with principals from multiple organizations or partners
  • showing the progression of science and is future or forward thinking
  • showing impact and, potentially, lasting impact either on a targeted group or on a larger community
  • reaching beyond a local community
  • showing capacity to grow transformative new techniques, develop new methodologies, or build new networks

In addition to supplying the grant funding, AGU staff will offer expert advice and support throughout the planning and execution of your event, as well as help you to use AGU’s extensive networks to promote your event/activity. Examples of potential events or activities might include launching a crowdsourced data rescue project, creating a mentoring program for graduate students, hosting an outreach program at your local middle school, creating an app that can convey Earth and space science and capture people’s attention, or buying a stall at a local farmer’s market for a season to have an “Ask the Scientist” stand.

As the Centennial progresses, we will be sharing information about all the events planned on the Centennial website, as well as in Eos, AGUniverse, From the Prow, and AGU’s various social media channels. We’re looking forward to the day when we can show you a map of the world filled with dots representing all the places where our community is celebrating the discovery-to-solutions journey of the last 100 years and the next 100 years of Earth and space science!

Apply for an AGU Celebrate 100 Grant now!

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