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We appreciate the many inquiries we’ve received from all of you about our staff’s well-being, so we thought we’d write a Prow post to keep you updated on how and what we’re doing.

First, we are relieved that, to date, none of the AGU staff have contracted COVID-19. Effective Monday, 16 March, we are requiring staff (except the few that maintain the building operations) to telework so that we are following the science and the advice of CDC and WHO to practice social distancing. Several years ago, we implemented systems that permit the staff to work remotely if an emergency occurred and we are confident we can continue to carry out AGU programs and services at this time.

We are hopeful that all staff will be able to be back in the office Monday, 30 March, but we will continue to monitor the situation. Rest assured that we will remain focused on the health and safety of all of our staff so we will not end teleworking until health organizations and local governments deem it safe to do so.

AGU is not shutting down the building during this time so that we can remain available for our tenants, allow construction to continue and maintain the rigorous cleaning and sanitizing process we’ve instituted over the last few weeks. However, we have cancelled all conference center events and tours.

Second, we are creating an “Online Learning Exchange” from AGU Members & Educational Community webpage and Connect page to share resources and knowledge about online learning and also so that the educational community – K-20+; lab, classroom or field; and across any Earth and space science discipline – can share what they’re using to teach and engage with their students. Details will be released on AGU.org this week. [Ed. Update 18 March: URL for the Online Learning Exchange is: https://www.agu.org/learn-and-develop/learn/online-learning-exchange/online-learning-exchange-main-page]

Third, we know that COVID-19 has drastically reduced everyone’s ability to engage across the community in-person. To keep networking and learning from each other, we thought we’d highlight two options.

  1. Earth and Space Science Open Archive (ESSOAr) is an AGU-led community preprint server that allows researchers to share posters and research. Since many conferences are postponed, ESSOAr will serve as a place for a virtual poster hall for Earth and space science (ESS) conferences. If your ESS conference would like to use ESSOAr, email [email protected] with your conference information and name. Beginning early April, AGU will be able to create your own “space” so that your event name is available from the drop-down menu. We will be providing additional resources and guidance for holding remote conferences using ESSOAr and interactive poster resources soon.
  2. AGU.org profiles are vital to helping others in the community find like-minded colleagues or experts in other fields. After logging in to your account (non-members can also create accounts!), we recommend filling out your bio, social media information, organization affiliation, scientific interests and needs from AGU. But you’ll also see other options like adding your ORCID account.

Fourth, we continue to evaluate our deadlines for everything from Union Fellow nominations (extending until 15 April) to our Fall Meeting sessions, workshops and Town Halls and innovative sessions (deadline 15 April). We will keep you alerted via emails and social media if changes are made.

On behalf of the AGU staff, we hope you, your family and your friends are staying safe and healthy.

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