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Like the rest of the world, when we watched the horrific killing of George Floyd, we were filled with a range of emotions, from anger to grief. We also knew that the injustice and discrimination that we saw would be felt beyond Minnesota.

Floyd’s death is not the first, and unfortunately likely will not be the last time that we will see such clear brutality and racism. Even though the situation most recently occurred in the U.S., we have seen it around the world. Tragically, this is only the latest example of a systematic problem of rules, laws and cultures created so that some individuals are not encouraged or supported to thrive or even survive.

We, an organization of 130,000 in Earth and space sciences, are working for equity for all as well as ensuring all cultures and institutions are more inclusive and diverse throughout our communities. We know that when we have a diverse and inclusive research community and workplace, we will find better solutions to major problems, like the climate crisis. We are geoscientists, and we are eager to work with others to solve societal challenges to meet the needs of populations around the globe . We have already removed some barriers within our community to be more diverse and inclusive, yet we know we have more work to do. Rest assured that this remains one of our key priorities until injustices and inequalities are eliminated.

AGU is committed to continuing to lead in the direction that values, upholds and honors justice and dignity for all as these are fundamental to addressing the societal challenges we face around the globe.

We demand better for our community and for the future of our society and the planet. Together, we can build a thriving, sustainable and equitable future for all.

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  1. Roger

    I am deeply encouraged by your message. Thank you! A very basic goal is- treat all others like I want to be treated. Simple, but helpful.

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