AGU Action on Confronting Racism in STEM

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To join the national conversation on confronting racism in STEM, we will be doing the following.

  1. All AGU members and staff are strongly encouraged to take the day to reflect and engage on our current social issues around race and racism.
  2. We – AGU – are signing the Geoscientists of Color statement and call to action.
    • We urge you to read and support it individually and/or as an organization or institution.
  3. AGU’s social media accounts will post a brief message in the morning to let followers know that we will not be posting original content on Wednesday. Instead, we will be listening to the conversation to learn how we can lead and/or act. We will retweet/promote other people’s comments.
    • If you have not read #BlackinIvory, we strongly encourage you to do so.

But we also know that this will take far more work and much more discussion. We are eager to be a part of the solution and play whatever role we can. Individually and collectively, we recognize our positions and our advantages.

Our board, council, committees and other volunteer leaders, members and staff will continue to talk with all interested parties about what AGU can and should do next to remove the systematic discrimination and racism from geosciences and our society. These are ongoing conversations that have been added to the agenda of every upcoming meeting and will continue to be a key discussion moving forward, starting with our 11 June AGU Council Meeting.

We appreciate all your ideas and encourage you to keep sharing them with us. Together, we can be an effective antidote to injustice and inequity.

Thank you.

P.S. We also want to apologize in advance for those of you who may receive email notices related to your role as authors or reviewers of our journals. We are unable to turn off these messages. Please ignore them on Wednesday.

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