National Climate Assessment science continues at AGU23 in San Francisco


AGU congratulates the many members of our scientific community whose work contributed to the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), which was published today.

Climate reporting will remain essential as we close out a year of record global temperatures, wildfires in Canada, Hawaii and the U.S. Southeast, droughts in the Amazon and Mississippi river basins, and billion-dollar flooding disasters in the U.S Northeast and California, aggravated by human-driven climate change.

AGU’s upcoming 2023 Annual Meeting, convening 11-15 December, will host authors from each of the NCA’s 32 chapters and feature deep dives into the threats and solutions identified in the report — in addition to thousands of research presentations on our climate past, present and future in a program that brings together 25,000 experts on Earth and space science.

Scientific sessions at AGU23 dig into the NCA5 chapters:

Press events at AGU23 will highlight climate science, including:

  • 2023 Arctic Report Card
  • State of the ice in Antarctica and Greenland
  • Ocean carbon dioxide removal research, applications and ethics
  • Hands-on workshop introducing a new NCA Interactive Atlas developed by the NOAA Climate Program Office, in conjunction with U.S. Global Change Research Program, to support local climate reporting.

To assist journalists with rapid reporting, press events are for members of the media and supporting staff only. Recordings will be posted to AGU’s YouTube channel following the events. We look forward seeing you in San Francisco and online!

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