Issue with a Poster Presentation on Ethics at Fall Meeting 2018


17 December 2018 UPDATE: After receiving additional information, we are following the processes and protocols outlined in our ethics policy with the highest possible priority. We are also referring the questions we received regarding our abstract submission and review process to our Meetings Committee. Also, please see the statement issued by AGU sister society the Geological Society of America. The deeply personal impact harassment, discrimination and bullying can have on an individual, not to mention their career, is unacceptable, which is why AGU remains committed to fostering a positive work climate in science.

14 December 2018 ORIGINAL POST: AGU has been made aware of an issue with a poster presentation at Fall Meeting 2018 by one of the attendees that contradicts our own ethics policy – and may in itself be a violation of AGU policies. As with any such issue, we take this very seriously and are reviewing this situation carefully. We encourage any individuals affected to reach out to us at [email protected].

Science is strongest when a diverse set of voices are not only allowed, but encouraged, to share their perspectives. Harassment and discrimination can negatively impact that diversity and have no place in a research environment or workplace of any kind. They compromise open communication, create a hostile work climate, and undermine the global scientific enterprise. Research has shown the destructive effects harassment, discrimination, and bullying can have on the people directly involved, as well as on the research, institutions, students, faculty, and colleagues surrounding or affected by the misconduct. That is why AGU has defined harassment as scientific misconduct in our ethics policy.

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  1. Barney Peterson

    I applaud you for taking such an issue seriously and conducting an investigation right away. We need more of that and less uninformed talk and gossip.


    What happened? The article raises awareness AGU is taking care, but exposing what happened and WHY it contradicts the anti-harassment policy would further educate the membership.
    We need to explain to stop bullying and harrasmeent of any kind, and this could be a valuable example of what is that.
    For your expert consideration.
    Keep up the good work! I admire what AGU is doing in many fronts. Anti-harassment is an important one. Thanks.

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