#AGU21 highlights from Tuesday, Dec. 14


Highlights from Tuesday, December 14: 

Day 2 at #AGU21 was packed full of research for fostering a sustainable environment to support future generations. While sessions run online and in-person this week, remember that you can see  all the sessions later, on your own time. 

Eos coverage of today’s #AGU21 events:   

#AGU21 in the news:  

 Some highlights from Day 2:  

  • John Kerry, the U.S.’s first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, spoke about the grand transformation to address climate change during a plenary lecture.  
  • Dr. Eric Lander called for ‘ferocious innovation’ to address the climate crisis during a plenary lecture. 
  • Dr. Jeffrey Sachs discussed policy frameworks for decarbonization during the Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture.   
  • NOAA scientists participated in a press conference releasing the NOAA Artic Report Card 2021, an annual report diving into the pressing issues affecting ecosystems, indigenous societies, and natural resources in the region.  
  • NASA scientists revealed that their spacecraft entered the Sun’s corona for the first time during a press conference about their Parker Solar Probe.  

What to watch for tomorrow, December 15:  

  • A plenary with Sekou Andrews, one of the most successful spoken poets in the world.  
  • NOAA explains the extreme events of 2020 from a climate perspective. 

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