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Despite the pandemic and health experts predicting the fall will bring an increase in the number of cases, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced its new rule on 6 July to require those who are studying in the U.S. on visas (F-1 and M-1) to be enrolled with in-person classes or risk deportation. Under this new rule, SEVP recommends students transfer to schools that will offer in-person classes if their current institution chooses to go online-only this fall. Otherwise, they should voluntarily return home or risk deportation.

AGU unequivocally opposes this new rule that puts students’ health and safety in jeopardy. Instead, we believe that the United States (and all countries) should be open to international students. By encouraging diversity in everything from cultures to experiences, society benefits. We think bigger and achieve better by working together. Our science is better with more diverse viewpoints. Global collaboration is essential, especially on issues that affect us all like the climate crisis.

But we need your help. Tell your elected officials that you support international students by sending them an email. Simply fill out your name, address, phone and email, which will automatically be sent to them. Please take one minute to make your voice heard!

Your voice matters.


Update 9 July @2:57 pm ET: To show our continued support for international students in the U.S., we have signed on to the scientific societies letter.

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  1. Mattia Pistone

    The US are historically founded on immigration. Sending back/deporting international students to their own countries is against the US historical, intellectual, social, and economic identity. Moreover, this action does not respond to the fight against the current pandemic and poses the US in a weaker position than they have ever experienced from an international standpoint.

  2. Daniel Hummer

    Implementing this discriminatory and disastrous rule has zero benefits and dozens of drawbacks. It will not make America safer and it will not save us money. On the contrary, all it will do is needlessly cost institutions of higher education a great deal of money, interrupt students’ degree programs and lives, and hurt America’s standing in the worldwide scientific community.

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