AGU elects new members to Council Leadership Team


In May, the AGU Council voted to elect seven new members to the Council Leadership Team (CLT) for the 2023-2024 term, including LaToya Myles, who will serve as Council Vice Chair and join the AGU Board of Directors.

AGU is fueled by a diverse and energized coalition of leaders, thinkers and changemakers. While the Board is responsible for the overall health of the organization, the Council is responsible for scientific affairs, playing three unique and critical roles: forming science policy, advising on science and member issues, and generating ideas for aligning and strengthening AGU activities as science evolves. The CLT has nine members, eight of whom are voting members, and meets monthly to conduct Council affairs in between the four annual Council meetings.

AGU Council’s three distinct roles. Updated May 2023.

53% of Council members voted during the recent CLT election, resulting in a three-way tie for two open positions. Representatives from the Leadership Development / Governance Committee reviewed the results and consulted the AGU bylaws before making a recommendation to add one additional voting position to the CLT for the 2023-2024 term. This recommendation was also agreed to by the AGU President, President-elect and CEO.

We are excited to introduce the newly elected CLT members:

  • LaToya Myles, Council Vice Chair
  • Åsa Rennermalm
  • Chi Zhang
  • Denise Hills
  • John Selker
  • Kripa Jagannathan
  • Suzanne McEnroe

They will join the current CLT members:

  • Brandon Jones, Council Chair and AGU President-elect
  • Ciarra Greene
  • Janice Lachance, Interim AGU CEO (non-voting)

AGU’s volunteer leaders are instrumental in advancing our strategic plan, which envisions a thriving, sustainable and equitable future supported by scientific discovery, innovation and action. We are grateful to all our volunteer leaders for their tireless dedication to this vision!

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