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AGU Digital Library: 2020 Added Membership Benefit


AGU is pleased to announce that its individual members will have free access to all of our digitized journal content through 1996, some of which go back more than 100 years, effective in January 2020.

In January 2020, access to the “AGU Digital Library” will be a membership benefit. We thank our publishing partner, Wiley, for their support in extending this benefit. AGU journal content starting in 1997 is already available for free access 2 years after the publication date, as described here.

It is also special to all of us at AGU that this announcement is made during our Centennial celebration.

Through the AGU Digital Library, AGU members will be able to analyze the history (or even the origin) of a finding; review classic papers, for example, showing the development of plate tectonics and exploration of the moon and other planets; or re-read their first published paper. These PDFs of papers will be a treasure trove of information and valuable resources for all AGU members. The Digital Library includes many thousands of papers published in Journal of Geophysical Research (starting in 1897), Geophysical Research Letters, Tectonics, Water Resources Research, Paleoceanography.

AGU will also continue to offer a free book annually as another member offering.

Today’s announcement is only the latest example of AGU’s support of open science. Additional offerings include:

  • 6 open access journals;
  • Opening all papers within two years of publication;
  • Offering open access publication options for all AGU journals;
  • Allowing authors to deposit accepted manuscripts into preprint servicers;
  • Open sharing for major media and researchers;
  • Permitting authors to post the “version of record” into their institutional repository after six months; and
  • ESSOAr—The Earth and Space Science Open Archive (ESSOAr), a community server where scientists can share early research including preprints and posters presented at major scientific meetings.

We will alert people when this benefit is officially available via social media and AGUniverse. You may also check your member profile page, where a link will be provided for access.

If you already purchased an individual subscription for 2020, please contact [email protected] to receive a refund. This offer is not applicable to institutions or organizations.

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