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Deadline to submit abstract for the Climate and Health for Africa Chapman


Submit an abstract to the AGU Chapman on Climate and Health for Africa, taking place 12-15 June 2023 in Washington, DC.

This conference will bring together scientists and policymakers from Across Africa and North America to enable the use of climate information to reduce risk and benefit public health.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 March
Travel grant application deadline: 15 Feb

Deadline to submit abstract and travel grant application for the Alfven Waves Chapman


Abstracts and travel grant applications are now open for Alfven Waves in the Sun and the Heliosphere Chapman taking place in Berlin, Germany on 28 May-2 June 2023!

Share your research on the current status of Alfven Waves in space plasmas, the solar atmosphere, the solar wind, planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres.

Abstract submission and/or travel grant application deadline is 15 February 2023.

Chapman Conference: Distributed Volcanism and Distributed Volcanic Hazards


The purpose of this Chapman is to bring together scientists to discuss, develop, and test conceptual models of distributed volcanism. Focus by the scientific community is especially important now because of continuing growth of cities, communities, and critical infrastructure within sparsely monitored volcanic fields.

Chapman Conference: Solving Water Availability Challenges through an Interdisciplinary Framework


Despite the inherent complexity of water availability, the hydrologic cycle has historically been studied from narrow disciplinary perspectives, often isolated from societal context. Addressing the challenge of water availability requires understanding the issues holistically, bringing together the pieces of the puzzle held by different disciplinary perspectives. Our Chapman conference will uncover and make explicit divergent views, assumptions, data types, and research methods that make integration difficult.

Chapman Conference: The Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience


The Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience engages intergenerational and convergent coalitions to broaden participation of Black, Native/Indigenous, and Latinx students and scholars in geosciences and related disciplines. This Chapman will feature events and programming that span three themes – Archival: Reading the past to create paths forward; Urgent: Justice for geoscientists of color; and Imaginary: A radically different future. Prior to the meeting, an unconference activity will allow all participants to take part in assembling the conference program.