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AGU has a long and proud history of advancing the Earth and space sciences across their full depth and breadth, as well as their reach, by supporting our members and their work.

But, looking to the future, our vision is not only a galvanized community of Earth and space scientists collaboratively advancing science, but one that also communicates that science’s power to ensure a sustainable future. Achieving that vision requires engagement both within and outside the AGU membership.

So, how well are we doing in tackling this two-sided engagement challenge?

AGU has benefited from the active participation of over 320,000 scientists since 2008, many of them non-members who choose to publish in and/or serve as peer reviewers for our journals, as well as present their science at our meetings.

With the advance of social media, our reach is expanding even further. We now have more than 27,000 Twitter followers and just shy of 50,000 Facebook users, many of whom are not only non-members, but non-scientists (a large number of them are also based outside of the U.S.). The active participation of our Earth and space science blogging network enables AGU to reach millions more on a regular basis.

And launching as a free and open online publication will broaden our reach even further, as did the decision to allow open access to all published content from 1997 up until 24 months after publication date.  This latter move has increased journal usage by about 30% in just a few short months.

If you are already active in any of these types of engagement, I want to thank you for your efforts and encourage you to keep it up. And if you aren’t engaged yet, I encourage you to join us:

Follow the latest Earth and space science news and engage with others in the community to help spread the knowledge.

AGU Publications and Meetings

Publish your research in one of our highly valued journals or submit an abstract to one of our world-renowned meetings, where you are guaranteed to reach those within, adjacent to and outside of the Earth and space science community.

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