AGU Names Editor for New Journal, Earth and Space Science


I am delighted to announce that John Orcutt, a distinguished professor of Geophysics at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and former president and General Secretary of AGU, will serve as the inaugural editor of our newest open access journal, Earth and Space Science. Over the summer John will recruit the editorial team. The journal will be ready to accept papers in late summer 2014, and the first articles will be available in late fall 2014.

John is uniquely qualified to develop Earth Space and Science to reflect the expansive range of science that AGU represents.  This includes all of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences, as well as related fields in environmental science, geoengineering, space engineering, and biogeochemistry.

He has published more than 175 scientific papers and book chapters. His research interests include the exploitation of information technology to collect and process real-time environmental data, as well as seismology in the oceans and on land, and marine geophysics. He is the principal investigator for the National Science Foundation’s MRE-FC Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfrastructure program. His scientific leadership and many contributions to the field have been recognized in multiple awards and honors.

I encourage you to read more about John’s impressive experience and leadership in the press release.  And I invite you to share the news of John’s role with Earth and Space Science, which opens up an important new way to advance our science, with your colleagues and networks.

Carol Finn, President, American Geophysical Union
Email: [email protected]

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