American Geophysical Union Renews Partnership With Wiley


One Tuesday, 31 January, AGU announced the renewal of its publishing partnership with Wiley. The partnership will allow AGU to cement its position as a leader in scientific publishing, reinforce continued support of robust scholarly research, and advance the ability of science and scientific research to inform and improve people’s lives.

Each year, AGU publishes more than 6000 original research and review articles reflecting the breadth of science practiced by members of AGU. Since first partnering with Wiley in 2013, AGU has seen its publications flourish, with AGU journals becoming some of the most cited publications for the Earth and space sciences.

AGU now publishes award-winning books and 20 highly respected, rigorously peer-reviewed journals – including three new open access journals: Earth’s Future, Earth & Space Science, and GeoHealth. With a simplified submissions process, AGU’s time from acceptance to publishing for most journals has also accelerated and is among the fastest in the field. Additional content enhancements have also allowed authors to expect their research to be even more easily discovered, widely read, and more likely to be cited, while helping to ensure funders’ open access mandates are fulfilled.

Commenting on the renewed partnership, Wiley’s President and CEO Mark Allin Said, “Through our deep collaboration and shared organizational values we have successfully partnered to further strengthen AGU’s brand, expand its portfolio of journals and books, and broaden access to AGU’s science for researchers worldwide. We are proud and honored that AGU has chosen to entrust in Wiley the care of its publishing program for an additional term and look forward to working to continue advancing the scholarly communication of the vital research published by the AGU community.”

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