AGU statement on President Biden’s climate plan


“Today, President Biden announced historic steps laying out how his administration will address the world’s climate crisis. As stated in AGU’s Climate Crisis Position Statement, ‘Immediate and coordinated actions to limit and adapt to human-caused climate change are needed to protect human and ecological health, economic well-being and global security.’

“With more than 130,000 experts and enthusiasts in the Earth and space sciences, AGU welcomes the opportunity to assist on this pivotal issue.

“We applaud the Biden Administration’s steps to remedy these challenges, as well as the disproportionate health and environmental effects suffered by underrepresented minorities. By creating an environmental justice office at the Justice Department and a dedicated office at Health and Human Services that links environment and health, President Biden is modeling the role the U.S. will play to be good stewards of human and planetary health, as well as of racial and social equity. The decisions affecting the environment and health are not limited by geographical and national borders, but affect everything on and around the planet.

“We are pleased the U.S. joins other nations that have stepped up to address the global climate and health crises to protect our planet for future generations.”

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