AGU March 2021 Council Meeting Wrap-up: AGU Haiku


The AGU Council, which includes the president and president-elect of all 25 sections, 6 student and early career members, 4 at-large members, and 12 committee chairs, as well as AGU’s president, president-elect and CEO, just concluded its March meeting. On Wednesday, Board and Leadership Development / Governance Committee members, as well as the Council, participated in an implicit bias / bystander training. The Council agenda was developed around AGU’s new strategic plan, with the first day focused on “catalyze discovery and solutions to scientific and societal challenges.” Friday focused on “promote and exemplify an inclusive scientific culture” and “partner broadly with other organizations to effectively address scientific and societal challenges.” Other agenda items included AGU Fellows and the Fall Meeting.

Gordon Grant, president of Earth and Planetary Surface Processes and a continuing member of the Council Leadership Team, summarized the three days with haiku.


Implicit bias
It can hide behind our words
Causing needless hurt

Silence is golden
Except when one should speak out
In which case, do it

We have all been there
Senior dude, cringe-worthy take
Try not to kill him


The world is changing
How should AGU respond?
Solution: science

It could be a bridge
A gondola or ferry
Or a braided rope

We need metaphors
We need stories worth telling
We need to listen

Partnership is key
Both leading and following
Plus humility


Make DEI real
But take a deep breath because
It will take some time

The numbers don’t lie
The numbers reveal the task
Let’s change the numbers

But beyond numbers
We need to change the culture
The cover of Eos

What about partners?
With whom? For what? Why and how?
To be continued….

Fellows discussion
Obviously hit a nerve
More work needed here

Fall meeting review
It was good but not the same

If the earth were flat
Only one time zone needed
But boring planet

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