AGU position statement on science funding now open for member comment

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AGU members have until 30 June to comment on revisions to the organization’s position statement on the crucial role of government funding in science.

Investment in Earth and space sciences is critical to achieving AGU’s new strategic plan, which envisions a thriving, sustainable and equitable future supported by scientific discovery, innovation and action. Robust funding of both Earth and space science, which are fundamentally interrelated, helps improve our understanding of our planet and its neighbors, including their connections to society, which is crucial to human, economic and ecological health.

AGU position statements—created, revised and approved by members—provide scientific expertise on significant policy issues, ranging from climate change to education to national security. These statements are not only cited by AGU, but referenced by journalists, policymakers and other Earth and space science organizations.

Earlier this year, AGU appointed a task force of experts to update our position statement on science funding to reflect changes in science, technology and society since the statement was last revised in 2016. The task force relies on member comments to finalize the draft statement, which will then be approved by AGU’s Board and Council.

The updated position statement declares, “Robust government investment in Earth and space science research is essential for a resilient, sustainable society.” It recognizes that discovery-driven exploration of Earth and its neighbors advances the fundamental knowledge underpinning solution-based science. Earth and space science research is critical to managing the global climate crisis, protecting the health of the oceans, preparing for natural hazards and ensuring affordable access to food, energy and clean water.

The updated position statement specifically calls on government to:

  • Fulfill its essential role in supporting international, national, academic, private-sector and citizen-led research;
  • Invest in discovery and solution science, and create the infrastructure needed to support these endeavors;
  • Broaden participation in and ensure equitable access to the benefits of the scientific process.

This is your opportunity to help shape AGU’s stance on science funding today and in the future. Ensure your voice is heard by commenting on the updated position statement by 30 June.

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