Match your #AGYou to an #AGU20 scientific neighborhood


AGU Fall Meeting, the largest virtual global conference in Earth and space sciences, is fast approaching!

Based on the social media chatter, it’s exciting to see so many attendees who are preparing posters and presentations, creating personalized schedules and identifying opportunities to network to meet new friends and colleagues.

To expand our community and encourage kids (of all ages!), use #AGU20 to share how you’re preparing for Fall Meeting! If you need inspiration, check out how others have showcased their #AGYou.

If you have a printer:

  • Download and print the template.
  • Print or download accessories to customize your #AGYou.
    • Each accessory is specific to the four scientific neighborhoods connected to multiple of scientific disciplines: Science Nexus, Earth Interior, Earth Covering and Beyond Earth.

No printer (or don’t want to print)? No problem!

  • Use the PowerPoint template to customize your #AGYou.
  • Take a screenshot or save the image.
    • Once you’re done, post #AGYou to your social accounts using #AGYou and #AGU20 so AGU’s social accounts can retweet/like/share your designs!

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