IPCC report affirms the need to address the climate crisis now


The Working Group I (WGI) contribution to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) on the physical science basis of climate change released today shows without a doubt that human activities are changing Earth’s climate—causing disruptive societal and ecological impacts—and underscores the need to immediately address the climate crisis. 

We are already seeing the impacts of climate change across the globe, from devastating wildfires to unprecedented flooding to extreme heat, but we can still prevent the worst-case scenarios and protect our planet for future generations. AGU calls for immediate and coordinated actions, informed by science, to limit and adapt to human-caused climate change in order to protect human and ecological health, economic well-being and global security.

Effective climate policies will need innovative, solutions-based science, and engagement with policymakers, communities, businesses and the public. AGU members across the world are prepared to provide relevant science and policy recommendations. All scientific institutions need to expand and prioritize support for research, application and knowledge dissemination to address the climate crisis and limit the worst effects of climate change.

AGU position statement on climate change

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