Introducing the AGU Council Student and Early Career Representatives


So you’re one of 65,000 members of the AGU,
But who’s raising the issues that matter to you?
You care about accessibility and making meetings green,
But will your suggestions ever be seen?

If you’re a student member or are early career,
We have some information that will make you cheer!
You have six representatives on the council at AGU,
They’re students, scientists, and postdocs too!

The student reps are Antonio, Josh and Paige,
Pushing your views to centre stage.
Antonio is a recent PhD, specialising in geophysics and hydrology,
Now a postdoc in Brazil studying climate change, and water availability.
Josh is at Virginia Tech for his PhD studies,
He loves geophysics, volcanoes, and making scary fieldwork buddies.
Paige is an oceanographer, a recent U Michigan PhD,
Using ocean-atmosphere models to understand climate variability.

Your early career reps are Catalina, Tim and Rosie,
Working to make this transitional time a little more worry free.
Catalina is a scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Advancing science with cloud computing and data availability.
Tim is an Assistant Professor of experimental hydrology,
He researches how rivers transport plastics into the sea.
Rosie is a postdoc in Philadelphia, a Brit on tour,
Studying the impact of climate change on plankton galore.

Our role on the council is to voice your view,
To make your AGU membership work better for you.
We bring in ideas from our own perspectives,
But would value your contributions so we can broaden our metrics.
You can get in touch with us by e-mail or on twitter,
So we can express your opinions clearer and quicker.
We will all be at the fall meeting in December,
And are looking forward to meeting many a member.
So please come to one of the events listed below,
We’d really like to say hello!

Student and Early Career Reps will be welcoming you to the conference each day at informal morning briefings from 7.30 – 7.55 am at the Career Centre in the Poster Hall (Moscone South, 5-6 LL) and by the LED Wall in Moscone West (Floor 2). They’ll also be at the Student and Early Career Mixer (12/8), Geoscience Game Night (12/9), the Diversity and Inclusion Reception (12/9), and the Student Breakfast (12/10). You can contact them through the fall meeting app or on Twitter.

Josh Jones
Virginia Tech University

Paige Martin
University of Michigan

Antonio Meira
Federal University of Espírito Santo

Catalina Oaida
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Rosie Oakes
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Tim van Emmerik
Wageningen University

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