Election Results Announced


On behalf of the Governance Committee, I am pleased to announce the newly elected members of the AGU Board and Council.

As I said in my September post, these individuals will play an essential role within and outside the AGU community. They will collaborate with committees, task forces, other volunteers and staff to achieve our strategic goals and objectives, manage the overall health and scientific affairs of AGU, and advise on critical scientific and member-related issues. They will be our ambassadors to the broader scientific community, and I want to personally thank them for their dedication to the organization and the Earth and space sciences, and wish them well in their efforts to advance AGU’s mission and vision.

I also want to thank you, AGU’s members, for your participation in this election process. This election is a chance for you to make sure that AGU is well-positioned to understand the issues that impact our science and to listen to, engage with, and meet the needs of our members. Your increased participation in this year’s election – voting was up almost 5% from 2014 and more than 5,800 comments were received, more than double the comments ever received and 91% of the voters were very satisfied or satisfied  – is certainly a sign of how much you care about the future of AGU.

Please visit the Elections site to see the names of the newly elected AGU leaders.

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