Day 8 at #AGU20 features a plenary from the NSF Director and a LGBTQ+ networking event

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Welcome to more than 25,000 registered attendees!

The main week of the meeting continues with parallel oral, elightning, and posters sessions, special networking events, more named lectures, the data help desk, exhibits, AGU Central and more. Here’s some highlights and a selection of some great sessions and events happening Thursday, 10 December at #AGU20:

  • Join NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan as he shares his vision for NSF in the #AGU20 Agency Lecture.
  • The Union sessions on Science in the Time of COVID-19 continue, focusing on the unique observations and research from Earth and space-based assets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Drop in to meet and network with members and allies of AGU’s LGBTQ+ community during the gAyGU/LGBTQ and Allies Networking event at 8 a.m. PT.
  • If you live or work in the Middle East, be sure to stop by the Global Café where you can hear from AGU leaders and connect with attendees local to your region.
  • Check out these named lectures happening on Thursday:
    • Maud Boyet will deliver the Reginald Daly Lecture, “The terrestrial magma ocean: geochemical constraints,” at 7 a.m. PT.
    • Giuliano Di Baldassarre will give the Paul A. Witherspoon Lecture, “Hydrological Extremes and Human Society,” at 10:30 a.m. PT.
    • Drew Harvell will deliver the Rachel Carson Lecture, “Oceanic Pandemics from Foundation to Keystone Species,” at 10:30 a.m. PT.
    • Augusto Neri will present the Gilbert F. White Distinguished Lecture Award, “Modeling explosive eruption dynamics and hazards: achievements and future challenges,” at 10:30 a.m. PT.
    • Jaap Nienhuis will give the Robert Sharp Lecture, “Testing morphodynamic theories by comparing and contrasting river deltas,” at 4 p.m. PT.
    • Erin Robinson will deliver the Greg Leptoukh Lecture, “Putting Data to Work: Moving science forward together beyond where we thought possible!” at 5:30 p.m. PT.
  • Some sessions happening Thursday around #AGU20:
    • GC056 – Multisector Dynamics: Urban System Interactions and Resilience II Posters examines the interactions between human systems and the environment.
    • V021 – The Storage, Transport, and Eruption of Magma Using Field Observations, Laboratory Approaches, and Modeling II Posters
    • C035 – Cryospheric Changes and Their Impact on the High-Mountain Water Cycle I
    • P038 – Mars Climate and Even More Water: Late Hesperian to Amazonian Surface Water and Groundwater Features on Mars II eLightning
    • H087 – Point- to Catchment-Scale Effects of Wildfire on Hydrology, Water Resources, and Ecosystems III Posters
    • ED026 – Bright STaRS: Bright Students Training As Research Scientists I Posters
    • IN018 – Data-Driven Exploration of Interconnected Risks in Complex Human–Natural Systems I
    • GC054 – Disparities in the Impacts of Climate-Related Extreme Events on People and Communities I Posters
    • NH019 – Impacts of Heat Stress on Infectious Disease: Drawing Biological Links Between Geoscience and Human Health I
    • B050 – Paleobiological Impacts of Past Climate Events I Posters
    • PP027 – Understanding the Terrestrial Hydrological Response to Atmospheric CO2: Lessons from the Cenozoic and Insights into the Future and the related poster session: PP024
    • DI011 – Links Between Mantle Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth’s Surface, Atmosphere, and Biosphere II Posters
    • NH043 – Recent Natural Hazards: Fires, Storms, Climate Change, and Impacts
    • AE011 – Thunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Meteorology IV
    • SH026 – Over a Full Solar Cycle of Outer Heliosphere Observations

Visit the NASA booth in the AGU exhibit hall at 6 pm PT on Friday, 11 December to signup to get a hardcopy of the NASA calendar mailed to you!  

And check out presentations from members of the Society of Latinxs/Hispanics in Earth and Space Science!

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