#AGU20 for 8 Dec: Hearts in the Ice and the next generation of Earth and space scientists

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The second week of #AGU20 and we’re just getting started. Here are some things to look forward to on Tuesday, 8 December:

  • The Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture features Hearts in the Ice, two “polar ambassadors,” living on the ice,140 kilometers away from civilization but engaging students, scientists and industry with their story about the health of our planet.
  • Scientific oral, poster and eLightning sessions continue across all sections in two main blocks.  Here’s a few to pay attention to:
    • NH010 and NH011 explore the impacts of recent fires across several continents.
    • A047 – The first of several session on recent climate model evaluations. 
    • ED010 – The Up-Goer Five Challenge: Explaining Big, Important Things in Simple Words (if you want to get an accessible introduction to AGU’s broad science)
    • P018, P020 and P021  – Atmospheres, Climates, and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets in and Beyond the Solar System I
    • V011  – Meeting Demand for Metals in a Sustainable Society: Advances in Exploration Tools and Our Understanding of Mineral Systems I
  • AGU CEO Randy W. Fiser and representatives from several of AGU’s current organizational partners discuss how to foster engagement of the next generation of Earth and space scientists including increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Earth and space sciences.
  • A session on COVID-19 and the Earth System highlights research efforts that seek to understand the effects of mitigation strategies on emissions through altered human behavior, the effects of changes in emissions and anthropogenic activity on the Earth System, and interactions between the biophysical environment and the dynamics of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Named lectures featuring distinguished scientists with proven leadership in their fields of science, including:
    • Rafael L. Bras, Walter B. Langbein Lecture: So Much Data and So Few Ways to Use It: The Era of Data Rich Hydrology
    • Elisabeth L. Sikes, Emiliani Lecture: The Southern Ocean’s role in glacial cycles: Engine not caboose?
    • Roderick A. Heelis, The 2020 Hanson and SPA Award Lectures: Space Science the Hanson Way
    • Gordon B. Bonan, Tyndall History of Global Environmental Change Lecture: Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Forests, Climate Change, and Our Future
    • V. Ramaswamy, Jule Gregory Charney Lecture: Aerosols and their Gaming of the Climate System: Microscale presence to Macroscopic impacts
  • A Vision for NSF Earth Sciences 2020-2030: Earth in Time Town Hall, which will review the priorities for the NSF’s Division of Earth Sciences and discuss the report, A Vision for NSF Earth Sciences 2020–2030: Earth in Time.
  • Connect with colleagues and honor awardees during several section business meetings. You can find them on the AGU Events tab in the scientific program.
  • And don’t forget the Virtual-Ale Happy Hour hosted by climate rapper Baba Brinkman.

Twitter is buzzing with #AGU20. Here are some tweets that caught our eye:

Don’t forget to wish Jun Meng, a postdoc at UCLA, a happy birthday tomorrow during his #AGU20 talk!

Allison Goodwell, an assistant professor at CU Denver, is trying to replicate the Fall Meeting at home, and Anna Ruefer, a master’s candidate at Baylor, created her own AGU Fall Meeting badge. How are you doing #AGU20 at home?

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