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AGU Launches Influential New Journal: AGU Advances


We are proud to announce that AGU is adding a new title to complement our distinguished portfolio of well-respected journals, AGU Advances. AGU Advances will be an influential and highly selective “gold” open access journal for the Earth and space science community.

How AGU Advances Is Different

AGU Advances will focus on publishing seminal research from across the Earth and space sciences and related interdisciplinary fields that has broad and immediate implications and is of interest to researchers across the Earth and space science disciplines, the broader science community, policy makers, and the public. It will publish novel, innovative research in the form of full-length papers and differentiate itself from other highly selective journals by being fully open access, available to all to download, read, and share.

Beginning with the inaugural issue in late 2018/early 2019, AGU Advances will be published online only. Papers published in AGU Advances will be approximately 8,000 words and include multiple figures and in-depth explanations of methods. Letters are approximately 4,000 words and typically include half as many figures. Most AGU Advances papers will be further enriched by plain-language summaries and open access commentaries to provide further context around the research, as well as increased efforts to publicize papers with the media. AGU Advances will aim to publish at most around 150 papers per year to allow for this enrichment.

AGU’s Portfolio of Journals

AGU, in partnership with Wiley, currently publishes an extensive, well-respected, highly cited, and frequently reported on portfolio of peer-reviewed scientific journals covering the breadth of research in the Earth and space sciences. AGU Advances will become AGU’s 21st journal and our fifth open access journal. The journals include Geophysical Research Letters (GRL), which publishes letters-length papers that merit rapid review and high attention across the Earth and space sciences. GRL is AGU’s largest journal and published more than 1,400 papers last year, indicating the broad popularity of this format and the strong reputation of GRL. GRL will remain AGU’s leading letters-length journal, and AGU Advances will serve as a complement to both GRL and the rest of our portfolio.

Why This Journal? Why Now?

During the past century, our global society has experienced myriad challenges and opportunities. Advances in Earth and space science have played a huge role in our ability to understand and potentially overcome those challenges and to take advantage of those opportunities. Today that same society is depending on Earth and space science more than ever to ensure our ability to address what lies ahead.

Throughout our 100-year history, AGU has been committed to finding ways to accelerate scientific discovery and the exchange of knowledge. That commitment led to the development of our prestigious portfolios of journals and the position of authority AGU has today. As we prepare to mark our Centennial in 2019, with the knowledge that the stakes are higher than ever, we intend for AGU Advances to build on the legacy and impact created by GRL and our 19 other distinguished titles, as it works to communicate the critical contributions Earth and space science makes to improving lives around the world.

Next Steps

The editorial board for AGU Advances will be formed from AGU’s College of Fellows and will include representation from each of our sections. We are currently searching for an enthusiastic and forward-looking scientist to serve as the journal’s inaugural editor in chief, who will work with our College of Fellows to form the full editorial team.

We are seeking an individual with a strong vision for the journal and for the future of Earth and space science. We are also working to hire a full-time Ph.D.-level managing editor, who will be responsible for supporting the authors and editors, as well as managing the commentaries.

We look forward to having you join us on this exciting new journey as we launch AGU Advances.

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  1. Kiran Alapaty

    It’s about time for the AGU! Looking forward to contributing to this new journal as well reading exciting articles!

  2. Shannon K Vattikuti

    It seems most apt, that even now, at this very moment (my AGU friends). We see a trend between humanity, the Earth, and the hopeful beginnings of new revolutionary advancements in Science and Technology. SV’18.

  3. Rashvand

    It sounds exciting. However, in order to ensure success one should include a measurable statistical trust-factor to the contributors – something to help with the seriousness of the contributor and confidence to the viewer.

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