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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to AGU’s newest blog, From the Prow . . .

The first question you might ask is why we are calling the blog From the Prow? The answer has a lot to do with the intent behind this new effort.

In a 1994 Eos article about AGU’s new headquarters it was noted that the building’s glass prow – which now houses a conference room – was designed to represent a beacon of leadership for the Earth and space sciences AGU encompass. Seeing all of the incredible strides we have made in recent years to reach the goals outlined in our strategic plan, and what those achievements mean to the broadest reaches of the Earth and space science community, that pronouncement sounds more like a prediction.

We are launching new journals and becoming a leader in open access. We are becoming a recognized and trusted voice in the halls of Congress and in media outlets from around the world. We are expanding access to our meetings and promoting transdisciplinary research. We are finding new and exciting ways to engage students and early career scientists and to increase our understanding of the gender and ethnic diversity barriers within the Earth and space sciences. And we are studying the economic, societal, and global trends that will shape the future of our science.

Our goal for From the Prow is to share our thoughts on these important issues and spark a conversation with you. We want a forum for discussions on the trends, strategic questions, and other important events affecting AGU and the communities we represent, and for regular updates on the progress being made on various programs and initiatives.

Clearly, as the president, president-elect, and executive director/CEO, we love to talk about the great things happening at AGU, but what about all of the other dedicated volunteer leaders who are working to achieve the strategic goals of the Union and make AGU the kind of organization you want to be involved in? We want you to have the opportunity to get to know the Board, Council, Section and Focus Group, committee, and task force leaders who are giving their time to make AGU better. That’s why From the Prow will regularly feature posts from leaders who represent a variety of disciplines, interests, career stages, and points of view.

Since this blog is intended to be a two-way conversation, we hope to get to know you better as well. Yes, we will be sharing our reflections with you, but we also want you to share with us. Ask us questions. Share your insights on trends in your area of research. Suggest new programs or ways we can improve existing ones. At its core, AGU is a collaborative community of Earth and space scientists working to lead our science forward. This blog should be built on that same foundation.

We are incredibly excited to be undertaking this new experiment with you, and look forward to the discussions that will follow.

Carol Finn, President

Margaret Leinen, President-elect

Chris McEntee, Executive Director/CEO

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