Video: November Building Progress


This post first appeared on By Janice Lachance, AGU’s Chief Operating Officer.

It is our pleasure to share with you some of the progress being made on AGU Headquarters’ renovation. As you may know, demolition on the building began in April and we’re now seven months into construction.

A recent photo of the progress on AGU's building.

A recent photo of the progress on AGU’s building.

Watch our video showcasing the changes to the building this year and our vision for the future. As construction continues, we’re looking forward to the installation of many key building design features coming this winter and next spring. These systems will be vital to reaching out net zero energy goals. We’ll keep you updated with pictures and videos throughout the progress and share lessons learned. From the energy-saving, electronically tinting SageGlass, to the installation of our solar photovoltaic array and the first municipal sewer heat exchange to be used in the United States, there is much more progress to be completed.

Throughout construction and as the building’s systems come online and begin producing data, you can follow along at We encourage you to visit the website and sign-up for email updates.

Once the systems are operational, AGU will be sharing data from the building’s systems. Each of the building’s systems will allow for real-time and operational control data gathering. Building on AGU’s mission to advance the scientific enterprise and our commitment to data-sharing, we’ll be making the data openly available to members, other scientists, building engineers, and others around the world. Stay tuned!

We cannot wait to show you our completed building in 2018!


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