Defending Truth and Sharing Science: A Response to Political Violence in Brazil

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Last Sunday, the world watched as a mob overran and ransacked Brazil’s Presidential Palace, National Congress and Supreme Court in Brasilia, the nation’s capital. AGU condemns these actions and the disruption to the peaceful transfer of power. 

As the world’s largest association of Earth and space scientists, AGU knows what a precious commodity truth is for government and society to function and work for the good of the people. Our global community of more than half a million is dedicated to advocating for a civil society that values science, unbiased information and facts. 

Brazil is home to most of Amazon, the world’s largest rain forest and the most biologically diverse place on Earth. Scientists there and around the world agree that to save and safeguard the Amazon, we need clear, unbiased data and information. 

When truth is undermined by conspiracy theories and misinformation, science becomes particularly vulnerable. AGU urges a recommitment by all countries and their leaders around the world to defend, nurture and champion truth and the pursuit of knowledge above all. 

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