Congratulations 2021 Section Awards and Named Lecturers and UMAP recipients

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Today, we were proud to announce the 2021 Union Medal, Award and Prize recipients. These individuals received AGU’s highest honors for their excellence in scientific research, education, communication, and outreach.

On Friday, September 10th, we announced the 2021 Section Awards and Named Lecturers who were selected on the basis of their meritorious work and/or service toward the advancement and promotion of discovery and solution science.

On behalf of our global community, congratulations to all these recipients on these well-deserved honors! Their individual and collective contributions to the advancement of Earth and space sciences around the world will serve as inspiration for future generations.

Though focused on celebrating these honorees, we also want to take this opportunity to thank their mentors, supportive colleagues, friends and loved ones.  A successful career is almost always a supported career.

On Tuesday, September 28th, we will announce the 2021 Class of Fellows. We are excited about the 59 individuals who will join our prestigious Fellows community. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement in Eos.

Finally, along with AGU CEO Randy W. Fiser and the entire AGU team, we want to apologize to nominators, nominees, and section leaders who may have received an erroneous email last week stating that a nominee had been selected for an AGU Section Award, when in fact the nominee was not selected. We know that this was a tremendous disappointment to many, and we share the frustration felt by those who received the incorrect information. Randy has informed us of AGU personnel changes in response to this error and assured us that internal processes are being put in place to prevent this error from happening again.

We understand that you may have lost a little faith in the process, but please be reassured that the AGU team is earnestly working to regain that faith.

We appreciate every single person who volunteers to serve on selection committees, submits nomination packets, serves as a section leader, or engages with the Honors and Recognition program in any capacity. You are the underpinning of why the AGU Honors and Recognition program has so much prestige.

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