AGU’s Statement on the Averted U.S. Government Shutdown


AGU is pleased to see the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate agree to extend funding of the government and avert a shutdown.  A shutdown would have frozen the advancement of scientific research, putting on hold critical measures for public health, global climate, and economic security and cooperation.

As the world’s largest association of Earth and space scientists, AGU now strongly advocates for all sides to redouble efforts and work together to ensure the government stays open for good.

When the U.S. government shuts down, so does much of the U.S. scientific enterprise. But our Earth and space science systems—tides, weather, volcanic activity, solar storms, planetary shifts—these never stop; they keep going, requiring constant study and engagement.

Science—and all of us who depend on it—will again be at the edge of a cliff in 45 days when the latest stopgap measure ends. Lawmakers should do everything in their power to ensure we do not fall off that precipice.  And we all need to do our part in continuing the pressure on lawmakers to keep government open and working. 

Lisa J. Graumlich, Ph.D., AGU President 


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