AGU’s Commitment to Solution Science Underscored by IPCC Report


The report released today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emphasizes that society must address the growing climate crisis. As also argued in AGU’s position on climate change, collective action is needed now to use energy more efficiently; transition to energy sources, products and services that do not release greenhouse gases; implement existing and novel technologies and practices to remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere; and adapt to unavoidable changes. AGU’s strategic plan guides our ongoing efforts to address these challenges.

Our community of 130,000 Earth and space science enthusiasts and experts worldwide is essential to developing and executing these mitigation and adaptation efforts. For example, AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange has already launched nearly 200 community science projects around the world. These projects bring together scientists and local activists to effect real change in neighborhoods already experiencing the impacts of climate change.

Solutions must be informed by trustworthy science, which is why AGU publishes 23 peer-reviewed journals for the cutting-edge research we need to understand our rapidly changing world. As a proud supporter of open science, we’ve made AGU Advances, GeoHealth and Community Science open access. Among the family of AGU journals, these three publications in particular are dedicated to sharing the scientific knowledge and tested solutions that the IPCC report highlights.

AGU is ready, willing, and able to respond to this call to action. In addition to our meetings and publications, AGU’s Voices for Science program trains fellows how to communicate science to policymakers, and students in our Mentoring365 program are receiving the support they need to lead the next generation of Earth and space scientists.

We are grateful to the IPCC report authors for providing this synthesis and plotting a clear roadmap to a sustainable future. As a global community deeply committed to melding our discovery science with solution science pathways, AGU is determined to do its part as we work toward that future. We welcome anyone committed to the same to join our community.

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