AGU releases 2021 DEI report and dashboard


Guided by our strategic plan, AGU has an organizational goal to model and promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive scientific culture through all of our programs. On behalf of AGU leadership, we’d like to thank our members for your continued support and engagement in this critically important work. 

Over the past year, the AGU community has taken several additional steps towards systemic change in the Earth and space sciences (ESS). Through diligent work internally and with external partners, AGU is setting new standards in ESS and across STEM.  

Today, we released the 2021 Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Annual Report to provide a comprehensive look at our new and ongoing initiatives. These efforts included:  

Additionally, AGU released the 2021 AGU DEI Dashboard, which summarizes self-reported demographic information from members, leadership and staff. This information provides a baseline for us to better understand our community and will help us identify and track our progress in fostering inclusive spaces in the Earth and space sciences.  

Broad participation in science and in support of science is critical for a sustainable future. To address this need, we need support from across the full AGU community. We look forward to working with you.  

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