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31 May 2020

AGU demands diversity, equity and inclusion

By: AGU President Robin Bell; AGU President-elect Susan Lozier; AGU past President Eric Davidson; and Chair of AGU’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Lisa White Like the rest of the world, when we watched the horrific killing of George Floyd, we were filled with a range of emotions, from anger to grief. We also knew that the injustice and discrimination that we saw would be felt beyond Minnesota. Floyd’s death …


28 May 2020

AGU’s next CEO and Executive Director will be Randy Fiser

By: AGU President Robin Bell and AGU President-elect Susan Lozier We are excited to announce Randy Fiser will be AGU’s CEO and executive director, effective 17 August 2020.   Randy was the clear choice for this position because he is passionate about AGU’s mission and vision, has a demonstrated ability to creatively lead organizations and shares AGU’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion. Randy is a skilled executive with strong collaborative and administrative …


6 May 2020

AGU continues its work and commitment for a more diverse and inclusive geoscience community

By AGU President Robin Bell, AGU President-elect Susan Lozier and AGU Sr. Vice President, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion Billy Williams Today, AGU released its annual ethics report  detailing the efforts of our community to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the sciences. The report describes a strong foundation as AGU works to create a more welcoming community and underscores our commitment to fostering the culture change needed to create a …


23 April 2020

AGU Announces New Strategic Plan

[Editor’s Note: This morning, AGU sent the following email to its members. We wanted to make sure everyone received the information, so we posted it here too.] By: Robin Bell, Board President and Susan Lozier, Board President-Elect and Council Chair Thanks to input from many of you and the rest of our members, AGU has a new strategic plan that sets the vision for the future of Earth and space science and …


22 April 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day: A teachable moment

[Editor’s Note: This morning, AGU sent the following email to its members. We wanted to make sure everyone received the information, so we posted it here too.] By: Robin Bell, Board President and Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science The 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year occurs as humanity is working to control a global pandemic. A solution will depend critically on partnership and cooperation among virologists, epidemiologists, health care …


9 April 2020

Connecting with Fellows

By: Rana Fine, Chair, AGU College of Fellows As we navigate through these difficult times with unprecedented challenges, we recognize that students and early-career scientists may experience an outsized impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. With field work in jeopardy and limited access to campus labs and resources, the College of Fellows community is here to help graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists stay connected and energized about their education, research …


8 April 2020

A new chapter for AGU

By: Julie Freeman, Interim Executive Director and CEO A few weeks ago, when I opened the FedEx package with my new AGU laptop, I also found the book, Managing Transitions, by William Bridges. I was excited to receive it because managing AGU’s transition from Chris McEntee’s leadership to the new CEO is one of my main responsibilities as Interim CEO. Transitions from one leader to another are never easy. Staff …


7 April 2020

The Lasting Impact of the Austin Student Travel Grant Challenge

By Carlos A. Dengo, AGU Development Board, Outgoing Chair In 2019, thanks to AGU members, the scientific-engaged public and Jamie Austin’s generous $1 for $1 match, the Austin Endowment for Student Travel was created. Through this endowment, we will send 60 Earth and space scientist students from around the world to Fall Meeting in perpetuity. The fact we did this when AGU turned 100 made it even more special. This was …


2 April 2020

New capabilities to share your research and collaborate on ESSOAr

By Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science As we all adapt to working remotely, we are pleased to announce that the Earth and Space Science Open Archive (ESSOAr) has new capabilities to make virtual collaboration even easier. ESSOAr, an open community server for the dissemination of Earth and space science early research outputs, was launched in 2018 by AGU and Atypon, with ongoing support from Wiley, and guided by an …


26 March 2020

The State and Future of AGU

When I announced I would be leaving AGU in October 2019, 31 March seemed so far away. But now that it’s only a few days from now, I realize time flew by so quickly! With the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I know many of us are spending more time with our loved ones and reflecting on what is important. I am fortunate that my family and friends – …